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Have you ever been to a garage who couldn't diagnose your vehicle's electrical fault? That's because they didn't have the latest diagnostics machines that Hoddesdon Tyres & Garage Services have. Come to the specialists.

We can find most electrical faults within one hour, and we then have the tools to fix them. It's a no delay repair service.

With our wealth of experience and state of the art technology, we're the fault finding professionals.

Diagnosing electrical faults

without delay

 •  ABS

 •  Airbags

 •  Engine management

 •  Air conditioning

We'll help you keep your air conditioning in great condition. Don't drive with cold hands or in sauna like conditions, contact us for diagnosis and repairs.

When you need expert diagnostics, ring:

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The latest technology, at your disposal

Speedy diagnosis and repairs

Diagnosing faults with:

A pleasant environment to drive in