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Timing belts, or cambelts, need to be changed at regular intervals to prevent major damage occurring. The interval depends on the make, model and service history. Call Hoddesdon Tyres & Garage Services for personalised advice.

A cambelt change is a big job, but an important one. Our mechanics are all highly experienced in changing cambelts, you can rely on us.

If you're not sure if you timing belt is faulty, call our expert mechanics. It can save you money.

Cambelt problems

inspected and repaired

 •  Uneven tracking

 •  Jumping

 •  Pulling

 •  Snapping

If your cambelt snaps, it can cause serious and permanent damage to your engine. Don't let that happen, have regular cambelt inspections.

Protect your timing belt, call:

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Is it time for a timing belt change?

Cambelt changes

Cambelt problems

The consequences of cambelt failure